The Bangladesh in brief

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Objective Bangladesh, a Nations Online country profile of the free country in southern Asia.

Bangladesh showed up as People's Republic of Bangladesh when Bengali East Pakistan pulled out from the relationship with (West) Pakistan in 1971.


The country is organized in the productive fields of the Ganges (Padma) Stream delta and lines the Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh borders various territories of India in the west, north and east and has a short limit with Myanmar (Burma) in the southeast.


The country has an area of 143,998 km², saw, it is insignificantly greater than Greece (131,957 km²) or to some degree more unobtrusive than the US territory of Iowa.


Bangladesh is potentially of the most thickly populated country on earth with a normal 171 million people (in 2021). The vast majority of its general population are allies of Islam (practically 90%). The capital and greatest city is Dhaka. Conveyed in language is Bangla (or Bengali by 98%).

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